Where it all began How could a kid
have grown up with
no internet, no
on-demand TV, no
cellular phone and
be happy?

“That is when it clicked. I needed to pen my story, to share how rich and adventurous my life was in other ways. Sela Blue was born – carrying the middle name of my own daughter.”

– Alisia Dale

Childhood best friends My Sela Class 19xx
"I never knew childhood could be so magical. Just imagine if every child could grow up feeling that way. Some stories can take us there…" Alisia Dale

Where Sela comes to Life

Uncolored sketch of Sela Blue
  • 2002

    Alisia Dale starts to write short children's stories after her twins are born

  • 2004

    Alisia Dale travels to London annually to visit the Children’s Book floor at Harrods

  • 2012

    Alisia Dale creates a series of stories based on a character called “Stellar Blue”

  • 2013

    Alisia Dale starts to convert the story narrative to rhyming proses

  • 2014

    Original concept drawings of Stellar Blue

  • 2015

    Stellar Blue gets a makeover and her name is changed to Sela

Colored sketch of Sela Blue
Childhood best friends My Sela Class 19xx
"I am constantly inspired by the love and joy of my family and friends, who nourish my creative energy. I grew up in a small town, but it was there that I learned to see the big picture." Alisia Dale

Someone with much wisdom once said that…, It takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes more than that to have that child come to life on paper.

Working with a talented artist is like watching flowers bloom. Everything comes to life before your eyes. Thank you Sheree for making Sela real every step of the way.

xoxo A.

Childhood best friends My Sela Class 19xx

Mom and Dad - My guides and shining light! Thank you! xoxo

Where Sela comes to Life

Sela Blue and her family at the breakfast table

Dear Friends,

It seems as though it were not so long ago – and not that far away – I was a young girl growing up and having endless fun in the little town of Chateauguay. I loved being a kid and I believe the memories I hold so dearly are now vividly portrayed throughout the Sela Blue series. From bike rides, to playing at the park, making mud pies, performing musical acts on our front balcony, and to selling cookies to neighbours – these are just a few of the memories that make me smile when I relive them. Being able to now share those memories with you through the eyes of Sela Blue is a dream come true! Thank you for believing in Sela Blue and for sharing her story.

Xoxo Alisia Dale

Dear Happy People,

Welcome to Chateauguay! A lovely, little town where growing up is full of fun and adventure. The innocence, memories – both silly and sweet –and warm feelings that are shared throughout the series will bring warmth to your heart, as it did mine. Our sweet Sela Blue will take your hands to journey with her through the series, baking cookies, playing in the water, gazing at the stars, and the everyday simple things that will make you smile. Growing up, I read countless children’s stories and was fascinated by the illustrations. Now, I too can share the magic through my illustrations of Sela Blue. I am so grateful for the wonderful chance to bring stories to life through my art – it is what I love the most and reminds me that dreams do come true!

Sheree Evelina

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Sela Blue and
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