The Story behind The Story

“The idea for a book series started years ago while I was living in Europe with my twins. We took our annual pilgrimage to Harrods children’s book floor in London England where we discovered the most wonderful books. I was inspired to write personal stories for my own children – but hadn’t quite struck upon my ideal character. By the time my daughter was born, a new character had popped into my head, whose story I started to write. This character’s name was “Stellar Blue”. As my children grew more interested in listening to stories and reading on their own, they wanted to know more about my childhood and how life was in the “olden days”. How could a kid have grown up with no Internet, no on-demand TV, no cellular phone and be happy? That is when it clicked. I needed to pen my story, to share how rich and adventurous my life was in other ways. Sela Blue was born – carrying the middle name of my daughter.”

— Alisia Dale

Author Alisia Dale

Alisia Dale was born in Montreal and grew up in Chateauguay, Quebec, in Canada. The Sela Blue series is a creative depiction of her life story. "Chateauguay was my world. When I looked out of our bay window into the farmer's grassy fields, I imagined that far beyond where my eyes could see, one day I would travel to those faraway places that I had only read about, like England and France. My imagination went wild as I pretended to be able to speak several languages and meet wonderful and exciting people. Today I pinch myself to think that I have lived in 8 countries and speak 4 languages." Alisia Dale is married and lives in Europe with her husband and three children.

Illustrator Sheree Evelina

Sheree Evelina is an artist of Indonesian descent who loves drawing and reading children’s books.

Upon graduation from art school, Sheree realized that illustration was her first and only love. "I love drawing very much and I enjoy giving my heart and soul to each and every stroke."

Sheree’s favorite mediums are pencil and watercolor – she enjoys dreaming up concepts and getting lost in details. Her inspiration can be found in a sunny attic with pencils, papers, brushes, paints, milk and cookies. Sela Blue is Sheree’s first illustration project for a children’s book.

HSP Logo

Publisher Huckleberry Sweet Pie (HSP) Publishing Limited

The Sela Blue book series is the debut collection from Huckleberry Sweet Pie (HSP) Publishing Limited. Privately owned and operated, HSP will deliver children’s books that share stories from around the world – focusing on realistic, relatable, lovable characters who become friends through words and illustrations.

Composer Franklyn Small

is a musician, composer and songwriter born and raised in London. He began writing songs at a young age, learning piano and guitar and developing his vocal skills before going on to study Jazz Improvisation. In 2013, Franklyn Small set out to conquer the world of film composition, drawing on over thirty years of experience of playing, performing and composing music. Since then he has composed the score for the short film Crude (2014) which was premiered at the home of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). In 2015 Franklyn was invited to the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema (LA) to receive the ‘Best Foreign Featurette’ Award. Franklyn composes original scores for a number of projects in film, theatre and performance. In 2015, Franklyn composed two original vocal scores for the feature film Looking for Love.

Composer Gareth Redfarn

has been involved in music production for many years. He started his musical journey as a lead guitarist in rock and fusion bands and then started making albums for Punjabi & Bangladeshi artists. Most recently he has pursued his love of soundtrack composition making music for adverts, documentaries, & films which bring together his wide experience of world music & western styles.

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