Sela Blue Life in every Hue

Meet The First Mayor of Chateauguay

The first mayor of Chateauguay (A creative kind of guy), thought
composers’ names for streets would be a novel thing to try.

Meet The Blue

Mom and Dad chose Chateauguay a place so
full of charm. Their daughters would grow-up
there, in the care of loving arms.

Meet Timmy

Ask Timmy Tucker, as he tinkers with his tools. He’ll say “It’s just
amazing, all the things you learn in school!”

Meet our Family & Friends

Not so very long ago,
and not too far away,
a girl named Sela Blue lived
in a town called Chateauguay…

Meet Sela Blue - an ordinary girl with everyday dreams and adventures! Sela is truly funny, certainly inquisitive, gracefully charming, relentlessly determined, and undoubtedly the talk of her town!

At six years old growing up in the Musical Village of Chateauguay [pronounced "shah-toh-gey"], her spirited childhood adventures are chronicled in a picture book series written in rhyme.

Reminiscent of literary fictional characters whose stories have touched so many of us, Sela Blue is everyone's girl next door.

Sela Blue and the First Day of School, tells Sela's tale leading up to "her ever first day", inspired by Alisia Dale's own personal story.

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Sela Blue and
the First Day of School

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